Case examples

Screened – to get a clear view of the available options

Cancer medications did and continue to grow at a fast pace. In order to know what companion diagnostic solutions will be the most relevant in the future, a clear view is needed regarding what targets to focus at.

The deliverable was to lead the analysis of the future oncology medication market, derive the consequences for companion diagnostics and create a ranked database of oncology companion diagnostics to maximize profitability.

The market was screened with detailed data from public sources about cancer incidences, therapeutic recommendations and regulations. This was complemented by expert knowledge and statistical information. The collected material was transformed into actionable insights about what value can be obtained and, consequently, where to focus on.

The results enabled stringent prioritization for the marketing and sales organizations to maximize revenue.

Prioritized – to select the best options

Neurodegenerative disorders are generally incurable. However, early treatment can significantly delay symptoms and enable patients to live better. An early treatment can only work if there is also an early diagnosis.

A pharma company had a neurology medication in clinical development. It needed a diagnostic solution for early disease detection so that the medicine could provide its full value.

The deliverable was to analyze the diagnostic market for the neurological indication and derive what early diagnostic options are best to maximize uptake of the medication.

Conducted expert interviews, performed secondary research of publicly available information, analyzed findings and derived conclusions.

Outcomes provided new insights about the structure of the diagnostic market and gave a ranked order of the best diagnostic options for the commercial strategy of the medicine.

Planed – to realize value

Tuberculosis (TB) is among the top causes of deaths worldwide. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a persistent microorganism. It can reside in the body at a pre-symptomatic “latent” stage, and cause an outbreak of TB when the body is weakened. In order to treat TB before the possibility of transmitting the disease, it needs to be detected at the latent stage. One of the most important reasons for testing of latent TB is to regularly screen healthcare professionals to avoid disease dispersion in their surroundings.

A molecular diagnostics company was identified as attractive acquisition target and a buy was planned.

The deliverable was to lead a sales & marketing due diligence team located on three continents for the acquisition of the molecular diagnostics company that had developed the TB diagnostic test. Besides assessing whether the business had a potential for profitable growth, the main tasks comprised to derive how to secure success.

Elaborated potential, recommended the acquisition, and deduced key factors that had to be considered.

The acquisition was highly successful and the business became a major source of profitable revenue.

Realized value with implementation

Next-gen sequencing is revolutionizing the diagnostic approaches in healthcare.

A company planned to go-to-market with a novel next-gen sequencing platform. The strategy was established, but the launch had to be planned and executed.

The deliverable was to lead a team that organized the launch, and to enable the realization of the full value of the offering.

A project management approach was implemented including planning, execution and monitoring between initiation until completion. The team was set up and aligned, regular coordination was organized and the process was controlled accordingly.

The product launch at a key conference in the USA was a major success, and the business became a central part of the offering of the company.